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IA: Sweet Tobacco Blond with leather and spices

If there are two scents you should absolutely give a try, it's #Tobacco Blond absolute and Pink Peppercorn accord from They are beauties on their own! I've created this Tobacco Blond perfume in two variations, using these two ingredients as a backbone. A "Light" and a "Spicy" version. Perfect perfumes for autumn season. The Light version is overall, well, lighter, more delicate. Right after a sparkling opening it starts with a soft leather, sweet and unmi

LJ: powdery silky leather with a mellow dry down

This perfume composition is based on two Synarome bases to construct a framework or backbone so to say for a soft leather scent. The bases involved are beauties at their own, but watch how they are transformed to a silky smooth, powdery dry down that breaths smooth leather with every whiff. The leather aspect is enhanced by another beauty: Iris-OA; and of course Cade and Safranal. The musks give it a stable base for the dry down phase and Iso E Super provides additional radia

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