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PQ: the perfect fragrance for those who seek a blend of freshness and sophistication.

Updated: May 19

Experience the essence of sophistication and freshness with our latest fragrance creation, PQ. This unique blend opens with a sparkling burst of bergamot and aquatic notes from Calone, instantly transporting you to a serene coastal escape. The heart of the fragrance reveals a refined floral symphony of Hedione and Linalool, enriched with a touch of spicy basil and Sichuan pepper, adding a vibrant twist.

The base notes of woody ISO E Super and warm Ambrox Super provide a lasting, enchanting scent that envelops you throughout the day. Geosmin adds an earthy, moist undertone reminiscent of fresh rain on soil, while Floralozone enhances the ozonic, fresh elements. Paradisamide and Fructalate introduce a fruity, tropical nuance, perfectly balanced by the musky, woody depth of Prismantol and the rich, jasmine-like aroma of Jasmine accord.

PQ is a journey from refreshing top notes to an elegant, enduring base, making it the perfect fragrance for those who seek a blend of freshness and sophistication.

Funfact: i was inspired by the beautiful town Agia Galini on Crete during my last trip, and created this perfume and this song sitting there at the beach!

I have made this with the amounts in milligrams and added 13000 milligrams of perfumers alcohol. Adjust to your liking! The Jasmine accord i have used is a 10% DPG solution of, it's rather light and transparent, but feel free to use any Jasmine you have at hand. Since this accord was pre-diluted to 10% in DPG, start with 3 milligrams of a true Jasmine essential oil and work your way up.

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