Some frequently asked questions answered...

Where do you buy your ingredients?

Supplies, diluted essential oils & absolutes, accords and aroma chemicals in the USA: creatingperfume.com.

Essential oils and aroma chemicals at 100% strength available by Hexapus (English) and Hekserij (Dutch). 

Incense and raw resins and woods are available through Wierook.org.

They are all trustworthy, good value for money and they know their stuff ;-) 

Oh, and did i mention their excellent service? 

Can you explain...

Probably not as good as others ;-) 

Please refer to excellent sites on the internet explaining the art of perfume making. 

I've found them with a few clicks, i bet you can too...

Seriously, you must have some favorite sites to share?

Yep, i'll give you some:






Besides the recipes, do you have some great tips and tricks?

Sure. Here they are ;-)

I want to say "thank you"!

Thank you for the compliment, much appreciated!

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