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Some frequently asked questions answered...

Where do you buy your ingredients?

Essential oils and aroma chemicals at 100% strength available by Hexapus (English) and Hekserij (Dutch). 

Incense and raw resins and woods are available through

They are all trustworthy, good value for money and they know their stuff ;-) 

Oh, and did i mention their excellent service? 

Can you explain...

Probably not as good as others ;-) 

Please refer to excellent sites on the internet explaining the art of perfume making. 

I've found them with a few clicks, i bet you can too...

Seriously, you must have some favorite sites to share?

Yep, i'll give you some:

Besides the recipes, do you have some great tips and tricks?

Sure. Here they are ;-)

I want to say "thank you"!

Thank you for the compliment, much appreciated!

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