Final touch

If you are looking for that final touch, that extra sparkle, that converts a nice scent into a real perfume, try adding one of the following ingredients in 1% dilution (one drop at a time!). They are strong, real strong, so start with really small amounts, like one drop of 1% dilution on 20 drops of other combined ingredients in 100% dilution (a 1 : 2.000 ratio):

  • The Aldehydes, preferably C10, C12 NMA and C12 Laurel

  • Ambrocenide, (also an excellent fixative for your citrus notes)

  • Cosmone, (excellent volume lifter, although it will introduce some Musk to the composition)

  • Civet can do wonders, especially in combination with the flowers

  • Ultrazur, can definitely bring some lift, volume and diffusitivity

  • Okoumal, will bring a twinkle to the woods

  • Ambergris tincture (yes, it's expensive but worth every penny)

  • Try Oudh / Agarwood as a fixative in your wood and oriental blends!

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