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The best perfumed shaving support for the old way, the wet way

I am a wet-shaver myself. And i have a sensitive skin. And i like the sandalwood scents from the past. And also the freshness from talcum powder scent and the cooling effect of menthol crystals. Well, these are all ingredients for the development of quite a unique supportive perfumed oil for the greatest shaving experience of my life. And now, after years of testing, tweaking and adjusting, the formula is ready to share with you all. The formula is about a shaving oil, rather than a shaving cream, soap or foam. Based on olive- and sunflower oils, for an ultra smooth glide of your razor blade. You literally need only a few drops(!) for the perfect smooth shave. Start with a ultra wet face (i use to shave under the shower after some 5 minutes soaking up the water in my beard hairs). Take about 4 to 10 drops of the oil in the palm of your hands, and gently rub it on your skin. Start shaving like you normally do. Don't rinse with water, the "left over" oil is the perfect after-shave treatment for your skin. Trust me: you are going to love this experience and wonder why you ever did shave with foam or soap (bonus: for trimming, you can still see what you are doing opposed to the use of foam).

Quality reminder No matter what perfume or cosmetic product you are going to create: the quality of the final product always boils down to the quality of the individual raw materials used. Keep that in mind, and try to find naturals for the ingredients listed below, as much as possible. Of course, feel free to substitute the harder to get or more expensive products, like the Agarwood oil i used (and sell in small quantities on and Sandalwood Mysore quality. All perfume ingredients used other than these are from

The shaving oil formula For about 25 milliliter of shaving oil, you can use this formula: ALCOHOL 1000mg KOUMALACTONE 20mg EUCALYPTUS 35mg PEPPERMINT 35mg PATCHOULI 10mg AGARWOOD AG4 20mg SANDALWOOD 75mg MENTHOL crystals 160mg VITAMIN E 30mg OLIVE OIL,11000mg SUNFLOWER OIL 14000mg Start to dissolve all perfume ingredients along with the crystals in the alcohol. This may take a little while, but the crystals will dissolve after some shaking for 5 minutes. Add the oils as a last step. Might you want to thank me for this great experience you gonna have, consider donating via the donate button on this page a few dimes so i can keep up developing this fantastic stuff. ;-) Thank you!

But wait, there is more... Yeah, what is a great shave without a great splash of refreshing cologne to top it off? I have got that one covered for you too! The scent of the perfume formula below is also back to the good old days. Super fresh in the Vetiver-Hexyl Salicylate opening, sparkling like the first rain after the dry season due to the Geosmin with an ultra smooth sweet and powdery dry down that lingers around you for at least 12 hours. Might you have splashed some on you collar, be sure to smell it the next morning. It's still gorgeous :) For about 35 milliliter of Eau de Perfume, you can use this formula: VETIVER (Sri Lanka) 50mg HEXYL SALICYLATE 10mg CASHMERAN VELVET 30mg GEOSMIN 0,015% 130mg COUMARIN 40mg HEDIONE 600mg AMBRETTOLIDE 120mg TIMBERSILK 70mg ALCOHOL 28000mg

Enjoy this neat shaving experience, and don't forget to donate a cup of coffee through PayPal if you think this one saved your life ;-) on my about-page.

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