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HT: a frangipani based masculine worn leather and dry tea scent

This perfume is based around a beautiful Frangipani essential oil, which was a gift to me from a good friend who travelled to Thailand.

However, if you can't get access to Frangipani oil, consider substituting it by Jasmine. Or by parts of Jasmine, Orchids and the Frangipani accord given below.

This masculine version has some sweetness, mainly from the Tolu and Cinnamon. Although the floral Majantol, Dorinia and Tuberose would normally drive the composition in a more feminine direction, the woods and musk will twist it in a more manlike version. 

Hedione HC, Timbersilk, Ambrocenide and Givescone give it great lift. However, i composed this perfume for the heart and base, not so much for the first 10 minutes of top notes. Enjoy, and feel free to adjust!

This perfume is given in milligrams rather than drops, because of the delicate character. If you don't have a scale: rule of thumb is 20 milligrams in a drop.

For a synthetic Frangipani accord, you can use this formulation:


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