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IM: honey and amber soaked leather layered perfume

Based on the Karl Lagerfeld's Classic ingredients list, this perfume comes with two formula's. The first one is more of a close-to-the-body base layer. It's a foundation layer that can be used to elongate the dry down phase. Used on it's own it provides a faint, honey and amber sweetness as if a leather jacket was soaked into it for hours. The more spicy and aldehyde components are found in the second formula. It provides more top notes, sparkle and the same dry down. However it's not at all like Lagerfeld Classic, it's a distinctive perfume who's 'scream mode' can switched on or off by applying the second formula as a second layer. If you like powdery dry downs, close to the body indulgent orientals, honey and amber sweetness, leather and spices yet elegant perfume, give it a try. And mix and match the layers to your likings.


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