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JP: Permafrost in a bottle

This perfume is dedicated to Susan Lemmon from CreatingPerfume. It has been three years now that we are working close together in finding beautiful aroma chemicals, aroma accords and essential oils and creating formula for you to try yourself. To celebrate this milestone i asked Susan for a specific scent to develop and she answered "a perfume like icebergs, snowflakes, cold air. Although of course, there is no smell to icebergs and snowflakes. LOL". I decided to take the challenge and i'm quite sure i've created something everyone will recognize.

It is the almost undetectable scent of permafrost. Frozen soil and frozen woods that never ever thaw. It's not the scent of ice cold like the "fresh" overdoses found in many modern perfumes. It's the bittersweet coldness that can be hardly smelled, the coldness of wilted leaves on frozen ground. The indescribable smell of ice cold woodland. In pictures i would think of the ice woods from the movie "The Revenant" with Leonardo DiCaprio, pulled on a stretcher through the frozen woods. 

Scents almost imperceptible because of the cold. But in this formula i have exaggerated and magnified these scents. The scents of wood, soil, ice, trees, covered in snow at minus 20 degrees Celsius. You will recognize the coldness in the upper notes (from top, heart al the way to the base) but starting with some faint and strange woody sweetness once the heart opens up. Enjoy! (Oh, and it goes without the saying: this composition should mature for at least 4 weeks before it settles in a nice blend). 

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