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JZ: a fusion between Acqua di Parma and Prada Luna Rossa like scents

This perfume is somewhat of a marriage between the freshness and neroli aspects of Acqua di Parma and the lavender and herbs found in Prada's Luna Rossa. All this embedded in a sea breeze that makes it utterly fresh. The top opens with a feeling of total freshness: like the small drops of lemon oil that sparkle from squeezing a lemon or orange peel. It tinkles and sparkles the first minute to give way to herbs and lavender while gradually mixing in the orange blossom aspects. Like walking through a field of lavender, with orange trees in it and some sweet herbs like sage in between these rows. This grand opening soon settles to a beautiful heart and base: a mix of sweet and soft oranges, spiced up with lavender and herbs and submerged in a fresh sea breeze. The dry down is fresh, like fresh linnen, due to the use of Ambroxan and Ambergris. But the main theme is found in all stages: orange - lavender - herbs. I dare say: a must try for this spring and summer :)

*) Since Lavender plays such an important role in this composition and is rather dominant, try the lavender(s) you'd best like. 

There is a huge difference in lavender oils, both in quality as in terms of olfactory and longevity! My best result so far is 80 milligram Lavender Dalmatia and 100 milligram Lavandin Abrialis. 

They are both more rich and complex than standardised 'Lavender 40/42' and last much longer in the base with their aromatic herbal profiles. 

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