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KF: a sweet J'adore Dior type of perfume

This perfume composition is inspired by J'Adore, Dior. It's opening is sweet and jammy, with fruity nuances of orange fruits like nectarines. 

There is unmistakable some flower power that shines through, overly sweet roses pop out after a few minutes.

The dry down is silky smooth, sweet and somewhat powdery.

The formula demonstrates the use of high impact materials in trace amounts; leaving out aroma chemicals like ribes mercaptan, apritone, ivy base, firascone and damascenone will generate a flat and dull scent, while these ingredients total for far less than 1%  of the weight of the combined ingredients. A beautiful long lasting perfume, sweet for the sweet. Imagine, if the Italians would produce ice cream with this scent ;-)

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The formulation of KF: J'adore inspired composition looks interesting. May I ask if the recommended strength here is of eau de cologne as it is less than 5% (1.033 mg : 20 mg) or am I missing something. As per my knowledge Dior J'adore come in EDP and EDT strengths only, and I won't be surprised if I'm wrong

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