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LO: basic spring perfume based on Creed Green Irish Tweed

This perfume composition is based on the famous Green Irish Tweed perfume from Creed, tuned down to it's very basics.

It aims at being a versatile, light to wear, unisex spring perfume. The main characteristic is the marriage between violet leaf and citruses, on a bed of wood and Ambroxan.

The Neroli brings a nice depth and twist to the Bergamot and Dihydromyrcenol for the citrus accord and bridges towards the herbal character of Tarragon, supported by Cyclohexyl Salicylate and Cucumber Aldehyde.

A bit more of fresh flower power is injected by the use of the beautiful Narcisse base.

I've also tuned this formula with traces of Undecavertol, Dynascone and Ambergris. Might you have these at hand, you could bring in a rich twist to this basic formula.


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