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LP: a transparant and light easy wearable Oudh (agarwood) perfume

Most Oudh (agarwood) based perfumes we know from the eastern countries are often associated with heavy, sweet, indulging orientals. 

I have tried to bend the traditional Oudh character towards a more modern western perfume.

To do so, i still keep the pungent woody base where on top i've created the transparency of scents reminding of clean shaving, straight from the shower freshness.

It also reminds me on beaches, shores and sea. These effects are mainly created by the use of Cetalox, Geosmin, Lilestralis and Hexyl salicylate in conjunction with the more traditionally used ingredients in Oudh perfumes.

This perfume is ideal for a business setting, subtlety and a hint of oriental spiciness. Enjoy this marvel!

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