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LX: a punchy but elegant mandarin themed perfume with a powdery dry down

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Do you like to start with an utterly fresh straight-from-the-shower smell in the morning that evolves to an elegant modern #woody and #powdery dry down?

Then this might the perfume for you. As an addition i've trowed in a lush soap formula to start your day.

The soap formula gives you the perfect wake-up kick in the morning and provides a neat base to layer this perfume on top of it.

The perfume is based around a mandarin-wood theme that eventually evolves to a dusty, sweet, woody, powdery dry down.

It will show quite modern, given the use of blackwood, norlimbanol and ambroxan.

Although it's the traditional woods and ambers taken over quite quickly to an elegant perfume that can be easily seen worn by men in business suits ;-)

The #Oudh, peppermint and juniper bring the 'je ne sais quoi' vibe, the patchouli brings some golden edge and the givescone - damascenone combination add to the lift.

Regarding the soap formula, i did rework Louis Appell's formula 'Blue Grass', and converted it to modern times (and 'glued' it to the perfume) by the use of norlimbanol.

This perfume - soap combination will bring you an hour of joy during wake-up and showering, and a pleasant aura during the rest of the working day.

Give it a try, Happy perfuming!

For the additional soap, use:

200 grams of melt&pour soap

200 grams of bath butter

15 ml of olive oil

Heat, mix and whip until it becomes creamy and fluffy

Add (when below 50 degrees celsius) and mix:

Lavender 450 mg

Sandalwood 600 mg

Norlimbanol 235 mg

Ambrettolide 200 mg

Jasmin 1000 mg

Hydroxycitronellal 1200 mg

Coumarin 500 mg

Pour the mixture in whatever shape you prefer.

Due to the whipping, the volume will probably excess 1 liter; keep that in mind.

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