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OH: Lounge-club on the beach: two versions for daytime and evening

The all-day-long perfect combo :) These two perfume formulas use almost the same ingredients and are perfectly stacked together during the day. Start with the fresher v1 variation and layer v2 in the late afternoon for a bit more woody depth and lush velvety coconut trails. Both formulas take my all time favorite starting point: sunny white sandy beaches, palmtrees, a lounge club, bubbles and a bit of sea breeze. Key in this composition is the use of Melonal for the “aqua melon”-effect. It is pushed towards the sea breeze and sand effect by the use of trace amounts of different aroma chemicals. The use of ISO E Super has a great effect on diffusiveness and Cetalox on longevity. Regarding the ISO E Super: yep, no typo, amazing high quantities. I love it :) And, indeed, NOT compliant to most regulators. But i brew what i love.

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