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Signature Honey Overdose

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

As promised in one of my other blogposts, i have created a formula showing an overdose of Honey Signature, that beautiful Firmenich “really special material that captures the scent, taste and soul of fresh honey in a way we've never encountered before”. Although it is only responsible for 0.25% in the formula, that’s a really high amount for this speciality base. About 10 times more than one would usually expect. The backbone of the formula is Hedione High-Cis, both for the flowery layer as to improve radiation. I have diluted the mixture to about 6% EDT strength with 12 milliliters of perfumers alcohol, but due to the high Hedione level it acts like a perfume in terms of both longevity (supported by the woods and musk) and projection (supported by the damascene and amber Xtreme). The main theme of what looks like a flowery base, is twisted by the tobacco and quinoline aspects to a more leathery scent with a firm base of Blackwood and Oud. Overall a scent i love to wear during what we call in my country ‘zwoele zomernachten’. ;-) Enjoy!

As always, all ingredients used are from, where lovely Susan is helpful, offers a broad range of quality products and affordable prices. To save even further on your investment, she is offering often pre-diluted products and quantities as low as 2 milliliter, which is really a good thing with high impact materials that you are not going to use that much.

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