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Soapy lemon on a stick

This perfume brings up odors from your youth, at least for me. In my memory I go back to kindergarten where we had to wash our hands with a lemon-shaped soap that was mounted on a steel pin in the wall. The soap had a powdery, talc-like lemon scent. I tried to capture this scent in the formula below. Enjoy it, and I hope it also brings you memories of great times. (by the way, I would classify this scent as unisex if I had to). It can be excellent layered with the ‘Soapy Brut’ in the next formula. Start your day with Lemon, end it with Brut ;-)

I prefer to dilute this perfume to an Eau de Toilette strength with the given amounts in 10 milliliters of perfumers alcohol. As always, all ingredients are available through, my go-to address with helpful Susan, excellent quality, great service and affordable prices.

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