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Soapy lemon on a stick

This perfume brings up odors from your youth, at least for me. In my memory I go back to kindergarten where we had to wash our hands with a lemon-shaped soap that was mounted on a steel pin in the wall. The soap had a powdery, talc-like lemon scent. I tried to capture this scent in the formula below. Enjoy it, and I hope it also brings you memories of great times. (by the way, I would classify this scent as unisex if I had to). It can be excellent layered with the ‘Soapy Brut’ in the next formula. Start your day with Lemon, end it with Brut ;-)

I prefer to dilute this perfume to an Eau de Toilette strength with the given amounts in 10 milliliters of perfumers alcohol. As always, all ingredients are available through, my go-to address with helpful Susan, excellent quality, great service and affordable prices.

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24 jun 2019

The weird thing on parfumery is that mixchure contains agar wood and patchouli end up with lemon smell. I'm new on this pitiful world I'm happy to join this tipe of people to share the experience

Me gusta

03 abr 2019

You are making a great effort

Thank you

Me gusta
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