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Woven wood perfume

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Woven Wood: a perfume so soft and so woody, it’s like a wooden blanket on your skin. Although, i personally love to use it to spray on cashmere or wool scarfs and sweaters. It stays for days. The scent is rather fresh in the opening and during the first hours. It stays relatively close to your skin. I can recommend it as a unisex perfume and it presents itself as rather sophisticated. The woody warmth bursts trough from the opening and settles to comforting woody tones until the dry down.

The perfume is rather one-dimensional, lineair and provides a continuous soft glow woody radiance throughout the day or night. Quite universal, not loud but elegant.

Pro-tip: i started with 0.1% ambrettolide alcohol *), it is a nice way to hide the alcohol scent from your perfumers alcohol and provides a fixative in your creations. I have always a liter or so at hand. You can do the same with Benzoë Siam alcohol, for a more sweet nuance.

All ingredients used are -as always- from, where Susan provides top notch quality ingredients and great service.

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